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Life Innovation Materials Project

Life Innovation Materials Project

Joint Research Project on Life Innovation Materials between Six Universities: Tohoku U., Tokyo Inst.Technol. Tokyo Med. Dental U., Waseda U., and Osaka U. and Nagoya U.

Signboard Installation Ceremony of the Tokyo Branch of the IMaSS (Institute of Materials and Systems for Sustainability of Nagoya University)

the Tokyo Branch of the IMaSS
Ceremonial photo: (3rd from left: Director, Okido,/
4th from left: Vice President, Zaima, / 2nd from right: Director, Nishide)

Signboard installation ceremony of the Tokyo Branch of the IMaSS (Institute of Materials and Systems for Sustainability) was held on August 3, 2016 in the premises of the WU-RONLI (Waseda University Research Organization for Nano & Life Innovation) in the presence of Shigeaki Zaima (Vice President of Nagoya University), Masazumi Okido (Director of IMaSS), Hiroyuki Nishide (Director of the WU-RONLI) and a few others.(See photo)

The Tokyo Branch was founded last May in the premises of the WU-RONLI - as part of the Six Institutes Collaborative Research "Rokken" Project - by IMass as the representative because Nagoya Univ. is the principal university of the Rokken Institute group. The aim is to reinforce organizational linkage among the private and the national universities in Japan. A designated Professor of IMaSS will engage in research activities in the WU-RONLI.

As for research themes, IMaSS (Nagoya Univ.) has a role is to research material development, and Waseda University will focus on device integration research including carbon and thin films of electronic materials for the next five years. Both the institutes have so far presented their collaborative research results of device integration using nanocarbon and multiferroic materials, and setup of the Tokyo branch institute is now greatly expected to further develop the Rokken Research projects.