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Director IWATA, Satoshi

Director IWATA, Satoshi

Satoshi Iwata received B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Nagoya University, Japan in 1977, 1979, and 1982, respectively. After serving as an assistant professor and an associate professor at Nagoya University, he became a professor at Nagoya University in 2002 and vice-director of the Institute in 2016, director in April 2018. Iwata specializes in the field of nano-magnetics and spin-electronics using magnetic materials. He is involved in the research on magnetization reversal by spin transfer torque and/or spin Hall effect for magnetic random access memory, magnetization control by ion irradiation for bit patterned media, magnetic field sensors and strain sensors using giant magnetostrictive materials.

Institute of Materials and Systems for Sustainability (IMaSS) engages in researches on topics ranging from materials and devices development to systems technologies toward realizing a sustainable human society.

CIRFE (Center for Integrated Research of Future Electronics) promotes collaborative researches with consortiums for GaN research and applications, funded research divisions, and also industry-academia collaborative chairs. In March 2018, C-TEFS (Center for Integrated Research of Future Electronics, Transformative Electronics Facilities) was newly established. This clean room facility will be used to create integrated research systems for the crystal growth of semiconductor materials and power semiconductor modules.

AMTC (Advanced Measurement Technology Center) specializes in advanced research such as electron microscopy imaging and measurement technologies, as well as human resource development. The Center also provides technical support on nanotechnology to researchers both in Japan and overseas through the Nanotechnology Platform Consortium Project supported by MEXT.

Division of Materials Research (DM) promotes research and development on energy-saving and environment-friendly materials. The Division is also leading the new collaborative project among six university research institutes, “International, Interdisciplinary Joint Research Project in Pursuit of Life Innovation Material Creation and Highly Skilled Human Resources”.

Division of Systems Research (DS) and Funded Research Division are engaged in researches on sustainable energy conversion, network systems for power and traffic, and recycling and circulation systems for material renewal.

IMaSS has also been designated by MEXT as a “Joint Usage/Research Center of materials and systems for innovative energy management” and is strongly promoting joint usage and research with domestic and overseas universities and research institutes.


Satoshi IWATA