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Center for Integrated Research of Future Electronics

Innovative Devices Section
Prototype of Blue LED

The Center for Integrated Research of Future Electronics (CIRFE) established in October 2015 engages in leading-edge electronics research—including research in the untraversed area of devices with gallium nitride and other post-silicon materials—while also cultivating top-notch human resources to lay the foundations of the future electronics industry. CIRFE is divided into six sections, each staffed with instructors who serve as leading specialists in their field and equipped with outstanding research infrastructures. The Center's fully integrated joint research and education system covers everything from basic scientific education on materials, measuring, devices and applied systems through to completion of student educational courses.
Through energy-saving device research, an area in which very little experimentation has been carried anywhere in the world, CIRFE strives to foster well-trained human resources who will lead the field of manufacturing in the twenty-first century.

Director of the Center : AMANO Hiroshi
Vice-director of the Center : OHNO Yutaka
Introduction video of the CIRFE(Interview with Director Amano)
Introduction video of the CIRFE Shirt version

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Introduction video of the CIRFE Long version

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